Ansel Russel - artist has sent high res version.

Please go read the long note on [St Equus][St Equus]. Thanks! Also links to [Hound][Hound]

A snake with too many teeth

St Equus

AC: Ansel Russel - NOTE: Artist has sent higher res files.

Hey Hey so the actual dream here is that St Equus and Toothy are actually on the same page, but bu clicking the one you reveal the other. Except the dream is also that depending on which machete you choose, you get one or the other first. I'm linking them to each other, but again, they should be together. Got questions? You got my number. [Toothy][Toothy] and [Hound][Hound]


AC: Mina LeBlanc Links to [box teeth][Box Teeth] and [Just Desserts][Just Desserts]

How is this one too big. God I have thoughts and feelings. 


This is an Actor! Sam is here, being a forest creature that helps lure travelers astray for mother to feed her children. Most likely a video - but can be a livestream. Links to [box teeth][Box Teeth] And maybe meat. Maybe.