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I saw a little girl in the park today clutching a red balloon. She seemed a little lonely so I decided to sit on the bench with her. She brightened up immediately and told me all kinds of wild stories that she promised she made up in her head all by herself.  I laughed and hardly felt time passing.

Eventually it grew very late and I insisted I needed to go home. She grew dreadfully angry. I hardly wanted to upset her but the street lights clicked on and I needed to go home. I tried to walk away but she latched onto my hand and refused to let me go. Her fingers turned to steel; one around my arm, and one around the red balloon. I realized that the only way I could escape was to trick her.

I told her I would stay and we whispered secrets to the moths in the street lamps. I whispered my own secrets and one landed on her nose, distracting her. I used the opportunity to pull away and run. Finally I was free.

I'm not used to seeing the world through red and it distracted me for a moment before I noticed that the world was getting smaller and smaller. She was getting smaller and smaller. I could barely make out her two empty hands curled into fists. I couldn't even see the moths anymore. I was home free. I wonder if I'll make it to space before I run out of air and end up tangled in a tree.