Bad People

All of your friends are bad people. At the very least, they have all done very bad things, and they will do more in the decade you are about to spend with them. It will not matter how hard you try to stop them. They have stolen, cheated, killed, and when they are done the path behind you will hold the corpses of children, innocents, your remaining family. It may hold the corpses of your friends, too. 

Here is the playing field: the most moral of them is seeking vengeance through blood, and he won’t even talk to you unless you pay for him anyway. 

They trust you very quickly and very fiercely. It isn't hard to get them to love you. They might even love you enough that you can talk them, maybe, out of some of the worst outcomes. But not all of them. They are their own people, they make their own choices. Everything will be different when you're done, but not for the best. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the hero. This is not a hero story. You cannot stop them. You cannot save them.

Also, the world is very brown.

Welcome to Dragon Age 2.