AC: Dori. This would be cool with one of those disappearing text effects you showed me. Link at the end of the piece.

Monologue of a Shadow

The day I felt the air on my face

It was but a moment, yet here I am, unable to articulate. 

It was a sensation both dry and wet. Bright and dark.

Thrilling, but terror-invoking. 

I had skin that tingled

Vulnerability infiltrated my lungs leading to a scream

A shriek of innumerable sound bytes. 

This image I painted of what I thought--

This stage I dreamed of--

This illusion I’ve crafted--

Shattered before me. 

Melted away into effervescence. 

Colors cried out of all my orifices

Languid and viscous, they spread onto the floor. 

Between the cracks of the sidewalk. 

Down a street drain, the colors morphed with the murky sewer water.

Vibrant blues and violets dulled with tastes of brown 

Greens merged with yellows, dimming and fading

As if my face was ripped out of this void

I reached up to touch who I was 

And who I was reached back. 

They looked at me softly and I looked at them,

[I said][Can I]: