AC: Mina LeBlanc Links to [box teeth][Box Teeth] and [Just Desserts][Just Desserts]

How is this one too big. God I have thoughts and feelings. 


This is an Actor! Sam is here, being a forest creature that helps lure travelers astray for mother to feed her children. Most likely a video - but can be a livestream. Links to [box teeth][Box Teeth] And maybe meat. Maybe. 

Can I

AC: Hoa Thu Hong. Links based off which figure you click in the image. Links to [Forest][Forest] [Trust Us][Trust Us] and [Judith][Judith]

Two creepy smokey shadows loom over a child. White text reads "Can I trust you?"


AC: Dori. This would be cool with one of those disappearing text effects you showed me. Link at the end of the piece.

Monologue of a Shadow

The day I felt the air on my face

It was but a moment, yet here I am, unable to articulate.