Can I

AC: Hoa Thu Hong. Links based off which figure you click in the image. Links to [Forest][Forest] [Trust Us][Trust Us] and [Judith][Judith]

Two creepy smokey shadows loom over a child. White text reads "Can I trust you?"


AC: Dori. This would be cool with one of those disappearing text effects you showed me. Link at the end of the piece.

Monologue of a Shadow

The day I felt the air on my face

It was but a moment, yet here I am, unable to articulate. 


The formatting on this one is bad, so it's a screen shot. AC: Andrew Lott. Links to [Morpheus][Morpheus] and pay your [ferryman][Ferryman]



EYYYyyyyy We're almost there. This Bit is funky. There's a 4 page submission that goes here, but 1 - we're gonna do some cutting and 2- the dream is for it to be a voice over.  AC: Nico (last name?) and Amir Gad And guess what We're linking to [Level 4][Level 4]

A tired man speaks into a radio while several creatures watch