Little Baby Bitch Mode

Sometime around college, I started playing video games. Video games of substance, I would have told you (incorrectly and snobbishly). Sword & Sworcery. A few Humble Bundles. The Banner Saga. I wanted to find something meatier, something turn based. I'm not sure what made me find Dragon Age - it was probably googling "video games like DnD that don't suck and are turn based and have gay shit." 

The World

When I say dark, I'm not being metaphoric. I live in Wisconsin now. Every day smells like snow. 

And I don’t belong here, and I never forget it. 

Bad People

All of your friends are bad people. At the very least, they have all done very bad things, and they will do more in the decade you are about to spend with them. It will not matter how hard you try to stop them. They have stolen, cheated, killed, and when they are done the path behind you will hold the corpses of children, innocents, your remaining family. It may hold the corpses of your friends, too. 


I think my friends might be bad people. 

No. I mean: in retrospect, I should have realized that they were bad people. 

Instead I trust them very quickly and very fiercely. It's not hard for them to get me to love them. I spent four years at a tiny women's college, and I am open and unafraid, like a tasty animal that doesn't know it should hide from the sailors who just landed on shore. 


This needs editing. It links to [teeth video][Teeth Video] and to [rabbit child][Rabbit Child] 


I saw a little girl in the park today clutching a red balloon. She seemed a little lonely so I decided to sit on the bench with her. She brightened up immediately and told me all kinds of wild stories that she promised she made up in her head all by herself.  I laughed and hardly felt time passing.