Running for your life ([from Shia LaBeouf][woods])\nHe's brandishing a knife (It's [Shia LaBeouf][sport])\nLurking in the shadows\nHollywood superstar [Shia LaBeouf][cannibal]\n 


You're looking for you car but you're all turned around\nHe's almost upon you now\nAnd you can see there's blood on his face\nMy God, there's blood [everywhere][run!!!]!\n 

Plot in 4D

1. Plot must allow me to remind myself to revisit something after a period of time, with no other requirements or input. This is standard Internet Stuff.

2. Plot must remind me to revisit something after other things are completed. If Documents B and C rely on the completion of Document A, then completing Document A should trigger the reminder to begin Documents B and C, or the parts of them that were dependent on A.

Anna's Plot

Fuck this, I just want to talk about [video games][Wisconsin Age].

Fuck you, I just want to talk about [music][September 4].

Fuck all of that, I just want to read some fucking [poetry][Poetry].