What do you care about? What do you stand for? 

Do you let the fear own you? Or do you trust the unknown? Can your friends do things so evil that you cannot forgive them? 

Are you sure? 

Put away video game morality for a second. Pretend that this industry did not cut its teeth on asking you questions that really dig deep, questions like "Do you want to save a puppy or set an orphanage on fire?" Pretend your choices are saving murderers, or saving murderers. Pretend your choices are mostly futile. 

Pretend you need to make them anyway. 

So what do you stand for? 

Dragon Age is a realistic game. It is a game about things that are close to home, even if we don't want them to be. Panic, war, loss, fear. The questions it asks are not how you would act in a hero situation. It's how you would act when your friends screw up. When your family needs you. When bad things happen. 

When everything goes totally wrong, and you're totally unhinged, what are the things you still care about?