plot as a pm tool

As a project management tool, Plot needs to exist in a temporal dimension. It must allow me to track project over time - ideally visually, as if I could move through a physical space and see the future tasks zooming towards me (or away) as I slide along the axis of time. 

[To do this, there are two main ways in which Plot must track time.][Plot in 4D]

An ideal project management tool isolates the "thinking" aspect of PM work. It allows project planning to happen in an isolated way, which can be then taken out and modified at will, or left alone unless something changes. Think of it as the perfect party playlist. You can leave it on shuffle, and it will carry on on its own, allowing you to enjoy yourself and focus on immediate tasks. If the tone of the party changes, you can pause, rewind, change songs, but then return to the state of unthinking, or rather, of true thinking with focus on the project at hand, as opposed to the more nebulous impact of that task.