MSN friends

I spent four years at a tiny women's college. I am open and unafraid, like a tasty animal that doesn't know to hide from the sailors who just landed on shore.

I am in a new place, and I have new friends. I trust them very quickly and very fiercely. It's not hard for them to make me love them.

Here is my playing field: the one I am closest with once told me that I made him feel like he was rotting inside. A few hours later, he showed up drunk at my door.

I let him in anyway.

So I should have known it was all going to go wrong. I can't say that nobody warned me. I just thought I was the hero. I really thought I was the hero. So I thought I could save everybody.

Also, [the world][The World] was very cold. 

Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin, summer of 2015.