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It has been a day. 

Flippity fuckity day of a day. 

hi ho. 

(CRYPTID flops down and screams into the abyss. CRYPTID doesn’t acknowledge you, but you are prompted to scream into the void alongside.)

Wine on a cracker

That felt good. 

Ooh speaking of

(The CRYPTID pulls out a bottle of wine, filled with crackers and a box of crackers filled with wine. They pour and consume them.)

Y’know what’s hard? Being this fuckin cute and cuddly.

Yeah thassright. I said it. 

Look at me. All fluff. fun. Best friend potential. 


I’m smart and funny too! Perfect sidekick material. Did I mention soft and cuddly? because yes i gives good cuddles. 


But really truly. Why o why, me o my, 

I am the

(voice deepens and is suddenly terrifying)

 C r Y p T i D


But I just...I just want some friend. A single only-for-me friend. 

I don’t like hiding in corners. Well-ok wait no I do. But I don’t want that to be like my THING

Like that’s a good side gig

I really do love hiding in a good corner…

There’s an art to it. A mastery. Ya gotta find the perfect corner. But it’s ok if it’s not perfect, it just has to be dark and hidden but seen all at once. And you gotta get really comfy because you’ll be there for a while...lurking…


It really is a skill. So perhaps i was being a bit too harsh on my life. I do enjoy being me, I just wish being me meant I could have a friend or two.

(CRYPTID drinks the crackers and eats the wine.)


Well, that’s all for me. I gotta go to b-y-bed-ee-oo.

(CRYPTID goes to bed)